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We often hear the question why our products are offered so ‘cheap’ compared to the competitors in the market. We want that kiting will not be a sport that can only be exercised by an elite group with enough money in the account. Therefore, we always strive to offer best products at the best price-performance-ratio.

We need to become aware that (development) growth can only take place in this sport, if there is enough potential of riders. In fact, we actually develop every day by ourselves and in doing so, more and more people share this wonderful sport with us.

Bernd Flügel


Already for more than 20 years, we are involved in board construction and with the label TRANS have created a brand, which was never given to any third party out of our hands till this day. Starting with snowboards, we are now building our own kiteboards for the third season in the center of Germany. More precisely in Schleiz, in the beautiful Thuringia where our companythe High Tech SportGoods Production (short HTSG) is located. Since each board is manually manufactured by us, we have gained an immense technical competence over the years that we are implementing with talented craftsmen from the region. The high quality requirements of our products stand up to any comparison!

Since our establishment, our product policy consists of investing the financial resources for a large extent into product development. Due to our own production, this allows a fast, flexible and innovative working without water on the brain”. Compared to our competitors, we are in the unique position to not be dependent on any producers and their production modes. We decide ourselves what we approve of and implement this in our products.

We do not simply put the individual components together like a sandwich no, we manufacture from the moulds, over the complex wood core to the extremely difficult and only with much expertise producible carbon deck ourselves. Only this way can we ensure that all materials meet our high standards. We produce boards from boarders for boarders because only this way real work is possible on the basis. We have testing teams in all our boardsport fields, who inform us immediately if there is even a small detail of improvement.

Our production is our playground – and this is our secret: Only those who still retain the enjoyment for the matter itself after all these years, can continue to develop innovative products.

... also our new collection is developed with much expertise, commitment and our creative teams. All in all, a quality and innovative board collection of the latest generation, the shapes do not forget any range of use and leave no wishes unfulfilled.

TRANS – Boardsport in perfection. MADE IN GERMANY.

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