Trans Testmobile

Trans Mobile       

Testmobile Wanted!

You are in possession of a camping car, a bus or another vehicle and you would like to apply our TRANS stickers all over your good piece? Then you have come to the right place!

We provide you an unique promotional offer, including stickers, three kites and a board of your choice!
How? It's very simple:

Write a short e-mail, attach a photo of your car and name us a few facts why exactly you want to have our stuff.

We will immediately send the sticker package to you with the enclosed invoice. As soon as we get the photos of the decaled vehicle, we change the invoice into a credit and you get the one-time opportunity to purchase three kites of your choice for 300 Euros each and also a board of your choice for 150 Euros.

Each decaled TRANS MOBILE is published!

Trans Mobile

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