Board Production – How to build a snowboard

Board Production – How to build a snowboard
We build snowboards for almost 20 years in our own snowboard factory. Already in the 3rd season, there is now snowboards from germany, more precisely, from the beautiful thuringia, where the high tech sports goods production (short htsg) is established.

Like almost no other board lable we have a huge experience in building snowboards, because we manufacture all boards by hand.

We don’t just put all pieces together like you make a sandwich – no, here we create the form, the difficult manufacturing of the wooden core as well as the extremely difficult procedure of a carbon toplayer all by ourselves. Just like this we can guarantee that all materials fullfill our high standards. We produce boards from boarders for boarders, just like this a real work on the basis is possible. We have test teams in all kinds of boardsports. they’ll inform us immediatly if there is still a small detail that needs improvement. Our production is our playground and this is our secret: Only the ones who still have fun after all this years, still can develop innovative products.

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